Analysis Of Sam Walton 's ' The Walmart Way ' Essay

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The Walmart way is a great book that focuses on the startup of a once small business created by Sam Walton. This book focuses on the importance of staying focused to reach your goals yet staying true to your beliefs. Sam Walton created this empire that now has over 400 billion dollars in sales a year; it was once a small business located in Bentonville, Arkansas. Management plays a big role in businesses but especially Walmart, where they invest in their employees or as they like to be called associates the importance of keeping the customer happy yet working together as a team to make customers feel special when walking into the store. This book isn’t just about the success and creation of Wal-Mart but how they got there by staying true to their beliefs and always remembering where they once came from. Don soderquist, the author pin points the importance of Operations Management in this book by focusing on Inventory management, low cost, and customer satisfaction. Sam Walton had a dream, his dream was to make the people in small towns to have the same shopping experience as the ones that lived in the big cities. In the 1960’s, Sam Walton started up his own store in Bentonville, Arkansas and it was quite successful. He was still not entirely satisfied, he still had that dream to convert his small business into a huge enterprise to give the people a great shopping experience as if they lived in the big city. Sam also wanted to give back to the…

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