Analysis Of Rittenhouse Square And The Neighborhood Building Essay

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Rittenhouse Square
Resident constituency
There are 120 people living in the building and 20% of them are couples. The average age is 55 to 60. 45 of them drive a car at least once a week. Most of residents don’t need walking assisting stuff. Three residents use a wheelchair regularly. Sixteen residents use a walking stick and two need a walker. Fifty residents bring their personal computers.
Now 60% of residents come from original and don’t move out of Rittenhouse since they moved in. People want to stay here.
There are four level rentals. 16% of residents are medium incomers.
Site design+typologies
Rittenhouse Square locates in the South Los Angeles and the surrounding neighborhood is not very developed. The apartment building is between a residential community and a busy and noisy street, Central Avenue. There are retail stores in the first floor of the apartment building along the Central Avenue, which can be considered as a type of mixed use.
The appearance of the building is various from surrounding buildings and it is easy to recognize the apartment. However, the small parking lot in front of the apartment may make visitors confused. There is a sign with “Retail Only” in the parking lot so visitors may not think it is a right place for visitor parking. In addition, it is not easy to find street parking.
Use/design of common space
Rittenhouse Square is five-floor building with fifty-five year history and there was a warehouse on the same site. Now there is…

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