Essay on Analysis of Riordan Manufacturing Hr System

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Employees and human resources (HR) are a business’ biggest asset. Appropriate management is important to a business the size of Riordan Manufacturing. Currently the company employs 550 employees globally. The HR database contains an enormous amount of information in all of the employees’ files and data regarding their respective careers at Riordan. The database should operate at peak performance at all times. The functionality of the current system is limited due to a quickly becoming outdated system compared to other systems that are currently available. The Information Technology (IT) department had been asked to analyze the current system and issue an analysis of the scope and feasibility of the project.
The HR system is in
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This provides increased functionality to the HR department.
Information Gathering Techniques
To begin the project, the stakeholders must be identified. There are four groups of users. The first group is the executive users, who need to evaluate reports generated by the system to make business decisions. The second group is the HR employees who are responsible for using the system to manage the data collected and perform the processes needed including payroll and time period records as well as other functions. The third group is the middle managers who use the system to record data regarding the employees in their respective departments. The final group is the employees who use the system to submit time records as well as access their personnel information and company policies and other information. In order to evaluate the system effectively; adequate representation of each group in the process is imperative.
The next step is to determine the functionality of the existing system in order to ensure a seamless integration with the proposed application. Gathering system requirements must encompass the existent requirements to build upon. Learning the daily functions will enable the team to further determine strategic planning in systems requirements. Analysts will shadow HR personnel and observe day-to-day operations of the current system. Interviews with the personnel can supply the current processes as well as improvements they would make.
Once this step is

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