Essay about Analysis Of ' Prometheus ' And ' My Father '

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I looked up and saw my father walking towards me with is sword, I was bleeding from my fore head but I couldn 't stop fighting because if I did Chaos would escape. My brother charged ahead giving me time to heal it was his time to fight.

Prometheus Pan Cocytus Achilles, This was the name given to me by mother Night and my father Chaos. Yes, I do mean Night with a capital N my mother and father both are literally the accumulation of all evil things. When I was born, they had a massive fight it shook the world, and out of this battle came my brother, Erbos. My brother was cute and unlike my mother or father, he was the first one in our family that shined. My mother being Night didn’t like this at all and exiled him to my father’s land I can’t truly explain my father, I mean he isn’t exactly the normal mortal father no face, no legs, no hands for that matter he doesn’t even have a real body. In short my dad is a never ending sea of darkness into his favorite pass time is to cause problems for the mortals (like, oh, you lost your pen, my dad probably has it). Honestly you mortals have it so easy you talk about stepping out of your parents ' shadow or surpassing your parents. My parents were literally the whole world back then can’t step out of that. I remember when I was 13 (in the mortal age) I for one went through that stage, which you folks now call teenage years I was sitting down on the edge of Night and Chaos when my brother walked up to me mumbling about destiny.…

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