Chaos Into Fourteen Lines Poem

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The poem “I will put Chaos into fourteen lines” by Edna St. Vincent Millay portrays the speaker as someone who is trying to make order out of chaos in her life by effectively using personification, an assertive tone, and caesura to make her point.
The speaker uses capitalization when referring to Chaos as if he is a human being that she knows but seems to be upset with or frustrated at. She wants to put him into “fourteen lines and keep him there” (lines 1,2) as if she believes he is the cause of something evil that happened to her. The fourteen lines could mean the fourteen lines of the sonnet which have strict rules to adhere to in order to successfully write one well. The strictness of the form could be the prison that the speaker is holding Chaos in. The author is also trying to show that the sonnet is a very orderly written type of literature that has a certain pattern to it while comparing it to other types such as free verse ones that have no rules at all and thus the poem can be very messy and disorganized.
The author could also allude to the first primeval god that was born and whose name literally means “the gap” or “the chasm” but was later became known for its definition of
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(lines 4 and 5) No matter how much Chaos tries or whatever method he uses such as flood, fire, or demons (line 4) it will turn into nothing until he is completely combined with Order. Here, the author also uses capitalization when addressing Order as if it is a real human being. This “sweet Order” is what Chaos should coalesce with in order for the speaker to have a peace of mind about things in her life. Hence, if Chaos were no longer in her life then only peace and Order would remain for her just like how the sonnet form is very orderly and

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