Analysis Of `` Pride And Prejudice `` By Joe Wright Essay

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Music comes in where words cannot evoke the emotion. Pride and Prejudice, is a movie directed by Joe Wright, and was released in 2005. It is based on the novel “Pride and Prejudice,” which was written by Jane Austen in the 1800s. The film takes place in England, at a time where young women needed to marry someone of good standing in order to start families. Elizabeth Bennett is second to oldest of five sisters. She lives with her parents and sisters, and all need to find someone to marry. Elizabeth believes in true love, and when presented with the opportunity to get to know the new eligible wealthy man of the town, Elizabeth finds it more complicated than she thought. Mr. Darcy is selfish and too prideful in her eyes. But could it be she is somewhat like him too? The kind of love, status or class does not matter and it overcomes barriers. The combination of cinematography and music help express the theme of this film.

It was vital that Dario Marianelli, the composer of the score for Pride and Prejudice, capture the music from the time this story took place in. Marianelli states, “Piano and romantic string writing lend the “Pride and Prejudice” score an undeniable classical feeling” (Burlingame). The music in this film is all instrumental, no larger than an early 19th-century symphonic orchestra (Burlingame), as well as piano being the principal instrument used throughout the film. The “piano [is] the heart of the score,” says Marianelli. (Burlingame). He…

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