Analysis Of Police Brutality: No Action, No Peace

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English IV
October 14, 2016

Police brutality- No Action, No Peace
For every 1,000 people killed at the hands of police officers, only one officer is convicted of a crime. On hand, police alone killed at least 102 African Americans in 2015. On average, that is at least nearly two killings a week (Statistics 1). Some actions have been implicated to combat this situation of police brutality, such as, protesting and demonstrations. Also, different tactics such as training officers and implicating body cameras and punishing those responsible for unnecessary casualties due to Police brutality. Police brutality is becoming an epidemic due to the amount of unnecessary casualties, Increase of protesting and demonstrating, and the
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Without the proper training needed officers will follow into something that they don’t know and will rely on it. An example of that being shooting or defensive skills (Swarts 2). In research, training even minor police behaviors can have an uplifting positive effect (Swarts 2). A way to positively train these officers is by stopping police officers from using harsh or derogatory like language when talking to people in the public or using racial profiling. When police officers often use these terms, it gives citizens more of a negative impression of police officers. In 2013 twenty-six percent of all complaints sent to the D.C Metropolitan Police Department involved an officer being rude or using harsh language (Swarts 2). These factors plus many others contribute to racial profiling and eventually to police brutality. In closing, police brutality, is a big problem that ultimately needs to be solved. There is absolutely no reason why police brutality should still be alive in 2016. People need to come together and to fix this problem before it is too late. The main causes of these problems are unnecessary casualties, increases in protesting and demonstrations, and a lack of training. We need to fix this problem now. “It is wrong to think that a criminal, because of the color of his skin, is a criminal, it is equally wrong to think a man is racist because of the color of his uniform” (Swarts 3). If more time is spent fixing these problems, then more people not only in the United States will benefit but the whole nation will. A way to fix these problems is to get involved and be active and though hard work, effort and time, trust and faith can be restored in our

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