Analysis Of Peg Tyre 's Article, The Writing Revolution Essay

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In Peg Tyre’s article, The Writing Revolution, Tyre analyzes the quality of education in a New York high school and discovers the problem with education in today’s society. New Dorp High School on Staten Island was known for their reputation for poor education, low graduation rate, and high drop out rate. In spring of 2007 four of every ten students starting as a freshmen dropped out from New Dorp (Tyre, 1; 2012). After discussion between the principal and the faculty the staff concluded that the reason for the crisis was that the students were simply bad writers. Starting in 2009, New Dorp put their primary focus into writing, not only in English, but also in all core subjects. Their goal was to develop “good analytical writing,” which not only focused on grammar but critical thinking as well. New Dorp borrowed ideas from the private school Windward and started the intense program. The students were taught how to transfer their ideas into complex sentences and use subordinating clauses to reinforce their answer or argument. The school got rid of assignments that were considered ‘fluff’ and implemented more ‘expository’ writing assignments that dealt with subjects that required more rigorous thinking.
The results from this ‘writing revolution’ were outstanding. The English pass rate increased 22 percent, the global-history exam pass rate grew 11 percent, and academic assistance class dropped 135 students (Tyre, 1; 2012). Monica DiBella, a student at New Dorp, has always…

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