Essay about Analysis Of Pat Barker As A Memory

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A memory has different ways to function varying from one person to another. The memory itself is defined as the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. Trauma is something else that can be attached to a memory and it is defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. Memory plays a tremendous role in our lives as well as in our society. A memory can prevent us from making mistakes as well as it can haunt us to the point of break down. Are all memories worth to be remembered of? In Regenerstion by Pat Barker as well as in The IMIGRANTS by W.G. Sebald we see a flow of narrative that underlines traumatic memories. On this paper we will focus our attention on Billy Prior, one of the character in Regeneration, and Ambros Adelwarth of The Emigrants who are somehow fighting their memories.

Billy Prior and Ambros Adelwarth both represent a strong problem of memory, they both have a clear memory of their past, but sharing them is one of the problem in the first place. Let begin by talking about Billy Prior, a conflicted and complicated character being a soldier who had had a difficult life both at war and at home as he mentions to Rivers about the front: “Look, you might like to think it’s one big happy family out there but it’s not”(Regeneration, pg. 53). His experience in the army was not as happy as he had imagined it could be since he believed that he did not really fit in his previous job as a clerk in a shipping office, but that he would fit…

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