Analysis Of One City Municipal Corporation Essay

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INTRODUCTION: One City Municipal Corporation has decided to implement the E-Governance System and for this purpose, all the Staff
Members have to be educated and trained to run the System on regular basis, so as to process the Citizen Services fast and provide the Feedback for the same, apart from the Complain management, on a regular basis.
Since, this is a Public Services Body, the main purpose is to provide public
Services, regularly and smoothly.
The Municipal Commissioner, has decided to introduce E-Governance
Technology to facilitate the Public Services and for this purpose, the
Necessary permissions and approvals are already obtained from the State
Government and Government has also, allocated sufficient Budget for that.
(1) Target Environment profile:
The Target Environment is one Local Government Body, engaged in providing Public services to the People of the City. It has various
Departments, such as Property Tax Department, Health Department, Water
& Sanitation Department, Public Relations Department, etc.
The Municipal Commissioner is the Chief Administrative Officer, who is assisted by the Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners and each Department is headed by the respective Department Head, who reports to the concerned Deputy Commissioner of the relevant zone.
In every Department, there is Deputy Department Head, who helps the
Departmental Head in the Administrative function.
Similarly, every Department has various Branches such as Accounts,
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