How Does Okonkwo's Change In Things Fall Apart

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In Things Fall Apart, the reader is introduced to a main by the name of Okonkwo. Okonkwo is hardworking and aggressive, traits that bring him fame and wealth at the beginning of the novel. This same fear also causes Okonkwo to be impatient and brash, however, leading to his eventual downfall when he can't adjust to the changes occurring in the clan.
Though Okonkwo is a respected leader in the Umuofia tribe, he lives in fear of becoming his father, a man known for his laziness and cowardice. Throughout his life, Okonkwo attempts to be the complete opposite of his father. From an early age, he builds his home and reputation as an eminent wrestler and hard-working farmer. Okonkwo’s efforts pay off big time and he becomes wealthy through his crops and manages to have three wives.
Okonkwo is however patrilineal and believes he should be in charge of every little aspect. One might see this when he “was provoked to justifiable anger by his youngest wife, who went to plait her hair at her friend’s house and did not return early enough to cook the afternoon meal.” Okonkwo beats his wives to show dominance. “Without further argument Okonkwo gave her a sound beating and left her and her only daughter weeping.” These two quotes
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Even then, he still felt Ikemefuna was more of a son then his own son, Nwoye. Okonkwo continually beats Nwoye, hoping to correct the faults that he perceives in him. Influenced by Ikemefuna, Nwoye begins to exhibit more masculine behavior, which pleases Okonkwo. “Okonkwo was inwardly pleased at his son’s development, and he knew it was due to Ikemefuna.” He saw a younger him in Ikemefuna and not Nwoye. "At Nwoye's age Okonkwo had already become famous throughout Umuofia for his wrestling and his fearlessness," This quote kinda goes without explanation, but it directly characterizes Okonkwo as

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