All Things Fall Apart Okonkwo Character Analysis

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Although Okonkwo may seem brave on the outside, this bravery is a result of his fear of being perceived as weak or unworthy, and becoming like his father.
In the book “All thing fall apart” written by Achebe, on page 94 in the bottom of a paragraph, Achebe writes about Okonkwo’s discomfort he has fallen into because of his exile. Okonkwo so far in the book has proven to be a fighting person in all things in his life, but at a certain point he is not able anymore to achieve the greatness, and he was upset of himself.

In the first part of the paragraph, it’s written that Okonkwo was “…ruled by a great passion to become one of the lords of the clan.” This was pointed out at the beginning of the book, by his fair of being like his father, being a looser. The repugnance he had for his father and for what he did during his whole life had driven Okonkwo to work hard over his entire life. He worked hard, so he could repair in some ways the shame of his childhood. His strong tenacity and strong will have made him a strong self-image, that leaves Okonkwo alone when he goes in trouble. His exile to Mbantu made him weak and broken.

The way Okonkwo describes to his punishment was that he “…had been cast out of his clan like a fish on to a dry, sandy beach, panting.” This pathetic image shows
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In this section, we see that Okonkwo has lost his faith in his personal god (chi) saying that “…his personal god or chi was not made for great things.” He thinks of his exile as his chi turning against him. Previously in the book there was written a proverb that said “…that if a man said yes his chi also affirmed.” Okonkwo’s discouragement can be identified by his belief that the saying was not true, that he “… was a man whose chi said nay despite his own affirmation.” His loss of belief in his personal god shows his abandonment to his future, that he would never achieve anything like his

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