Fall Of Okonkwo Quotes

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The quote means that Okonkwo is a responsible man that pays off all his debts and deserves to dine with the elders. Although Okonkwo can be seen as apathetic and harsh, he is still a successful man who has won the respect of others. He strives for greatness, in hope of leaving behind his father’s rough image.
Okonkwo is a powerful man who feels that he must have everything in order. This quote means that he is constantly in fear of becoming a failure and being seen as weak. Okonkwo stresses so greatly about his image, that he has become an abusive father and husband.
Okonkwo’s father, Unoka, died from an illness, which was a disgrace to the earth goddess. Okonkwo saw his father’s death as justice for all of his sins and bringing shame upon
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Okonkwo believes that these white men have caused their clan to fall apart. This shows how the pride of the Igbo people was so great that they were not able to see that the missionaries would be the cause of their tribe’s downfall.
This quote means that the members of the clan cannot move Okonkwo’s body, because he has killed himself and that is an offense against the Earth. The men are telling the white men that they should move him because they are strangers to the clan. This shows how important customs are to the people of Umuofia, and that they must obey these rules even if the person is as respected as Okonkwo was.
A friend of Okonkwo, Obierika, became choked up as he confronted the District Commissioner, saying that he is at fault for the death of Okonkwo. This shows how much Obierika admired Okonkwo’s powerful and respected character. Obierika is also realizing that these white men were the cause of their problems and affected Okonkwo’s life so greatly that it fell
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Readers can see the irony in this, because this white man is saying that Okonkwo is not worth even a chapter, only a paragraph to tell his story, when the author, Chinua Achebe, wrote a book about Okonkwo. This shows the arrogance of this man and the missionaries, for not understanding and respecting other people and their cultures. This man is describing Okonkwo in a way that makes him seem barbaric and cowardly. The commissioner is basically planning on diminishing Okonkwo’s respected reputation. This action is going to affect how people will see Okonkwo, who is really a misunderstood man that always lived in fear of failure. To add on to the Commissioner’s arrogant character, he plans on naming this book, The Pacification of the Primitive Tribes of the Lower Niger. This man is disparaging the people of Umuofia by calling them primitive based on how they

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