Analysis Of Obama And Pope Francis

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Stephen Crowley’s photo shows President Obama on the left and Pope Francis on the right. Obama is wearing a black suit with a white collar. While Pope Francis is wearing his white robe which is also known as his house dress. In between both of them there is a wooden chair. In the background there is the Washington Monument. To the left of the monument there appears to be a tree. Both President Obama and Pope Francis appear to be looking forward at something. It can be assumed that they are looking at the people who have gathered to hear both of these leaders speak. The picture represents leadership, strength and unity. This assumption can be made because both the Pope and the President are leaders that have respect and power in the area that …show more content…
The first one is that both President Obama and Pope Francis are standing up straight rather than slouching over. This shows that they have importance and have self respect. The hands of the Pope are to his side showing us that he is not doing anything unlike President Obama, who appears to be holding something up to his mouth, which can be assumed to be a microphone that he is using as he addresses the crowd that is in front of them. Another way to look at this photo is with a historical point of view. This is the first time that Obama and Pope Francis have stood together on American soil. That alone is an important event. To add to it, both The Holy Leader and Obama are leaders who fight hard for their countries and for what they believe in. They both also strive for peace and this can lead to positive changes to both parties involved. Through the use of these details a lot can be hidden inside of a photo. There can be many different messages that may be missed the first time that someone sees it. Crowley’s photo not only showed us an important part in history, but also told us a story of two leaders who are powerful but that want peace for their

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