Analysis Of Pro-Birth, Not Pro Life By Nick Anderson

Pro-Birth, Not Pro-Life
There is a large amount of controversy surrounding the ethical issue of abortion. Many conservatives and or people of certain religious denominations denounce abortion, calling it murder and shaming women who choose to terminate their pregnancy for any reason. Though these "pro-lifers" are adamant that all pregnancies be carried to term, and all conceived children be born no matter the circumstances, many of these people are also those fighting to defund federal programs that help out mothers, children, and families in need. Nick Anderson in his political cartoon entitled, "Protecting Life" shows this hypocrisy with two side-by-side scenes: on the left, a group of people address a fetus with warmth and love; the right: a mother and her newborn child being called "moochers" for needing food and healthcare. This cartoon is the embodiment of the conservative anti-abortion movement. On one hand, it 's important that every woman who finds herself pregnant give birth to that child, but on the other hand, federally funded programs like welfare, WIC, food stamps, Planned Parenthood, and Medicaid are "too much of an expense to the country" and are being threatened with budget cuts up to complete defunding. Nick Anderson 's cartoon, that was just
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He uses dialogue to underline the biggest issue with the movement, and aims to make those who support it see the problem with the logic, and feel guilty for the things they do to struggling mothers, and women who choose to not become mothers because they know they cannot support a child. This ad opens up a world where people can talk about the issues surrounding conservative abortion opinions mixed with their thoughts about federally funded programs for infants, mothers and low income families, as well as women 's reproductive rights, an issue that will likely continue to be prevalent for several decades to

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