Analysis Of `` Never Just Pictures ' Essay

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Nearly every child is born in a home where there is TV, internet, magazines, and phones. It is hard to avoid social media in one way or another because it reaches large audiences through technology. The media is inescapable, and its influence is something Susan Bordo explores in her article “Never Just Pictures”. Bordos tries to get readers to take a close look at today’s obsession with body image. What is body image? Body image is how a person sees themselves. Basically Bordo is saying that today’s society looks at videos and magazines to get ideas of what they should look like. Bordo talks about how people are starving their bodies to become thin instead of being healthy. Bordo, further opens the idea of why people are striving to be thin and why this problem is continuing to grow. Basically Bordo is saying that people rely on media thinking that is the right way to follow. single image in an advertisement holds so much power over people. Media manipulates people to purchase their products even if they know that those products don’t work as they are advertised by media. People are just blinded by what they see and they tend to believe in them children in this culture grow up knowing that you can never be thin enough and that being fat is one of the most worst things one can be. Which proves the point that system behind clothing manufactures and how they advertise their products raking in profits without caring much about the effects they are causing to the audience. In…

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