Analysis Of Mrs. Chekhov's 'The Boor'

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Love: The Unpredictable “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” (Mother Teresa). Love does not always have to be all smiles and giggles. There is no specific or proper way to fall in love. Love works in mysteries ways and cannot always be explained through logic. “The Boor” is a classic example of loves mysteries and unpredictable nature. Smirnov could not have guessed he was leaving the Popov house with Mrs. Popov instead of the money. Mrs. Popov sarcastically says, “The man! [She laughs sarcastically.] The man true and faithful in love! Well, that is something new! [Bitterly.] How can you make such a statement?” (Chekhov). Smirnov’s personality pushed Mrs. Popov into speaking her mind and not …show more content…
Popov loves her husband so much she locks herself in her room all day for months and vows to never marry again. The irony begins with the horse, Tobby, and his oats. Smirnov’s whole reason for being at the Popov residence is because of the money Mr. Popov owed him for the oats. “What a wonderful horseman he was! How fine he looked when he pulled at the reigns with all his might! Tobby, Tobby--give him an extra measure of oats to-day.” (Chekhov). Mrs. Popov feeds Tobby many oats because toby was Mr. Popov’s favorite horse. In the end Mrs. Popov falls for Smirnov and declares that toby shall not have any oats for the rest of the day. “Tell them in the stable that Tobby isn 't to have any oats.” (Chekhov). Mrs. Popov falls in love with Smirnov so quickly she begins to neglect her late husband’s possessions, Tobby, the moment after they kiss. In a different point of view one could say there meeting was inevitable and rational because Mrs. Popov was acquainted with Simonov, but no one would have guessed they would fall in love. Love is full of mysteries and “what if”. There are a lot of moments within the story that could have ended with Mrs. Popov and Smirnov never falling in love, for example if Mrs. Popov’s accountant had been present that day the two would have never fallen in

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