Anton Chekhov And Henry Miller: The Theme Of Love In Daisy Miller

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Anton Chekhov, Henry James, and William Faulkner, all twentieth century prominent short story authors, explore the particular theme of love throughout each of their stories. “Lady With the Pet Dog” portrays a married man, Dmitri Gurov, who while on vacation, usually flirts with many women that he encounters. However, he eventually falls in love with a woman who is also married and vacationing in Yalta, Anna Sergeevna. Although he gains feelings for the woman, the two are unable to have a normal relationship due to their marriages. Meanwhile, “Daisy Miller” similarly depicts how Frederick Winterbourne falls in love with a youthful Daisy Miller while both are on vacation. Winterbourne desires a relationship with Daisy; yet, full of spirit, she …show more content…
Not only does Winterbourne enjoy the youthful spirit of Daisy Miller but also admires each aspect of the young woman’s appearance. In fact, he “had not seen for a long time anything prettier than this fair countrywoman’s various features- her complexion, her nose, her ears, her teeth”(1170). Winterbourne analyzes each aspect of Daisy Miller. His admiration of her personality and appearance lead to the overwhelming love that he feels for her. Concurrently, Winterbourne admits that some of her youthful behaviors are less than appealing; nevertheless, the outstanding feelings that he cherishes for Daisy cause him to mourn for her love. Winterbourne argues, “‘She is completely uncultivated,’ Winterbourne went on. ‘But she is wonderfully pretty, and, in short, she is very nice. To prove that I believe it, I am going to take her to the Chateau de Chillon’”(1176). Winterbourne disapproves of Daisy socializing with other men, for he desires all of her attention, hoping to have a relationship with the free spirited woman. In the end, Daisy reveals her mutual love towards Winterbourne. Moments before dying, Daisy ensures that someone inform Winterbourne of her faithfulness to him, demonstrating her astounding love for her

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