Essay about Analysis Of ' Midsummer Nights Dream ' And ' The Tempest '

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In the stories of 'Midsummer Nights Dream ' and 'The Tempest ' there are characters that are strong and weak. There are characters that are magical and normal. There are also characters that move the story/fantasy forward. The characters of Miranda and Hermia are strong, weak, normal and they move the story forward. In these two worlds there are agents of change and there are also captains that captain their own destinies, in some cases both. For instance, Miranda is the agent of change and Hermia is the captain of her destiny.
Miranda is the daughter of Prospero in Shakespeare 's 'The Tempest '. "My dearest father"(The Tempest Act 1.Scene 2.Page 7) Miranda is depicted as the naive young girl who doesn 't know much and is naturally innocent. "More to know Did never meddle with my thoughts."(TT 1.2.8) Miranda hasn 't always been taught right from wrong so we see this girl that is unaware of what her actions or others actions may lead to. "O, my heart bleeds to think o ' the teen I have turn 'd you to,"(TT 1.2.11) The way in which Miranda acts like an agent of change is by serving her fathers every command. "Certainly, sir, I Can."(TT 1.2.9) She is obedient to her father and does things because she assumes that they are right because her father is influencing and manipulating her to think so. I think that to be an agent of change you have to impact something in a big way. The way in which Miranda impacts the things around her is by simply being the only women on the…

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