The Pleasures Of Eating Analysis

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In the articles the "The Pleasures of Eating" by Wendell Berry and "When Did Young People Start Paying 25% of Their Paychecks On Pickled Lamb 's Tongues?" By Michael Idov, There are many values and beliefs that are shared between Wendell Berry and Diane Chang. They share values like the type of food consumption, knowledge of food, and their dedication for food. They are both food enthusiasts which means they care about all aspects of food. Although they share similar values, the way they interpret these values is very different. Diane Chang 's view of values are much easier to accept than Wendell Berry 's. Chang 's way of eating is just smarter, more efficient, and more desirable.

Wendell Berry and Diane Chang are both very cautious of what
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They have the commitment of food, in other words, food is their life. The hobbies of both of these people are food. Wendell Berry is a farmer and has dedicated his whole life to food. Berry says" Many times, after I have finished a lecture on the decline of American farming and rural life, someone in the audience has asked ‘what can city people do’? ‘eat responsibly’"(Berry 65). Wendell Berry travels all over the country giving lectures on food and what we should be doing to eat better. He says to eat responsibly but knows that those words aren 't enough to fully explain what he means. Berry 's journey shows just how dedicated he is to food and how food has dictated his life. Wendell Berry even writes a whole article on what we should be doing to eat better. Diane Chang goes to the most conspicuous places to eat as long as they are good. Idov says "After one she got food poisoning. She later reasoned that by Sunday evening, when she had eaten it, the chicken was no longer fresh. So she stopped going on Sundays"(Idov 105). Diane Chang gets food poisoned and comes to a conclusion to why she does. Although she gets food poisoned, she still goes back to the same place. Normally when something like this happens people tend to not return to the same place; however, because Diane Chang is so dedicated and committed to food, she is willing to take the risk of going back. The difference between Diane Chang and Wendell Berry when it comes to Commitment to food is that Wendell Berry is more focused on spreading knowledge of the "authenticity" of food by writing articles and doing lectures, while Diane Chang is more focused on trying new restaurants for the pleasure of eating. Diane Chang 's raw dedication is greater than Berry 's. She is willing to put food before her health as a result of her dedication. Furthermore, Berry is concerned with the educational aspect of food which isn 't as appealing as the physical one.

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