Colonel Sanders Accomplishments

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“ I’ve only had two rules: do all you can and do it the best you can. It’s the only way you ever get that feeling of accomplishing something” (Colonel Sanders) As a man of many career ventures Colonel Sanders was a one of a kind business man whose short temper and love of hard work launched him into a billion dollar fast paced franchising dream. From rocking beginnings and many failed career ventures Sanders was one remarkable and memorable man in the fast food industry. Born in Indiana in 1980 Sanders became a leader at a very young age. By the mere age of 5 his father had passed away making him the man of the house. His mother worked many days canning foods leaving Sanders alone. There he had taught himself to cook. He would make bread and be so proud of his accomplishments he had to show his mother. Everyone raved of his creations. The happy Colonel was not happy for long, five years later his mother remarried. The hatred for his rough and tough new step dad shaped Sanders. He developed a temper that would eventually lead to him running away from home and looking for work, in attempt to make it on his own.
Sanders found himself at the young age of sixteen in the
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He was strong minded, meaning he wanted everything done a certain way: his way. This was beneficial when it came to franchising. Once the Colonial sold to other restaurants he made the effort to teach them step by step how to create his legendary chicken. It did not stop there he would continuously travel to everyplace that held his name and continue to make sure they company was doing it exactly right. With that being said he was diligent, looking back he worked on his famous recipe for an expanded period of time. Yet that hard work and determination pays off in the end. At 65 he started this business. Sanders proves that the work never ends. A little determination and a catchy slogan can propel one into their wildest

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