Analysis Of Maya Angelou 's ' The Graduation ' Essay

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Maya Angelou 's “The Graduation” has many aspects that are similar to my road to graduation but there are several differences. Graduation can be seen as an exciting time where I get to move onto another stage in my life that will lead to new life experiences. My road to graduation includes having to balance college courses ,while still applying to college, and studying for standardized tests, having to go to work, not experiencing my senior year fully and having anxiety about the future. Graduation feels like it 's coming too quickly, and I am not able to enjoy it. Graduating whether it be from middle school , high school, or college is a milestone that led me to new worries.
In “The Graduation” Maya Angelou narrates the days leading up to the graduation of her 8th grade class and the seniors as well as the ceremony itself. Angelou tells of the change in the atmosphere around the senior graduating class. Girls became more closed off while the boys became friendly, both opposites of their attitude before the gravity of graduating set in.“The girls often held hands and no longer bothered to speak to the lower students…The boys, on the other hand, had become more friendly, more outgoing” (Angelou 46). For Angelou’s graduation, she seemed to be more focused on the day itself than what would come after it. She was excited about what she would be wearing and where she would be sitting. Yet, the course of the ceremony was changed when Edward Donleavy came to lift their spirits,…

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