Making Peace With Autism Summary

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Summary and Evaluation The book, Making Peace with Autism written by Susan Senator, is a memoir about how her family dealt and grew with a child who has autism. Her first child, Nat, has autism. The chapters consist of questioning, how they knew, his various school programs, life with his other two siblings, and how the family all worked together. It shows the positives and negatives of having a child who has autism. It shows when she had support, and when she didn’t. All in all, this story is compelling, and it is real. I personally really enjoyed this book. I learned a lot from it. I think many people tend to only see disabilities in the light. This book truly showed the struggles and negatives of having a child with Autism. It also shows how she dealt with it, and how her family grew. It also showed outside perspectives such as other family members, friends, and neighbors. Many people had made cruel comments to her and about her …show more content…
Missing information, to me, that I would like to know would be more questions about Nat’s life now. The book was written in 2006, when Nat was 17. Ten years later, he would be 27. I want to know more about Nat’s transition to adulthood. In the book, there wasn’t much information about the matter. I wonder if his parents ever wanted or tried to get him a job. I know this task would be difficult, but I want to know if this would be possible for Nat. Another thing I would want to know, would be how his brothers were towards Nat as they got older. It wasn’t mentioned in the book often, but I wonder if they tried to include Nat more in activities with them and their friends. Nat’s mother mentioned a couple oft times that Nat did not have any friends. This information would be important to know, because the transition to adulthood can be difficult for people who have disabilities. I would like to know if any of these things are a possibility for

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