Analysis Of The Documentary While Dads In Heaven With Nixon

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Choosing to view the documentary “While Dads in Heaven with Nixon” seem to be an easy choice. This documentary focuses on the development of a man with Autism. The topic of Autism is something that hits very close to home therefore it would be enjoyed. This documentary starts out interviewing a man named Chris. His elder brother Tom documents this video; as a result a sibling relationship is easily sensed. The two men began by reminiscing of their childhood. Chris, the brother diagnosed with Autism, would discuss his happy place with Tom. He began going off in tangents about their hometown New Haven and all the fond memories he had there. His brother Tom would help play a part and jog his memory about the beach days from when they were children. …show more content…
As I mentioned above Autism is a subject that hits close to home. Both my cousin and best friends little brother has been affected by this horrible disease. My best friends little brother truly reminds me of Christopher at a young age. Both of them had a very positive outlook on life and close relationship with their fathers. Both my friend’s father and Chris’s father distanced themselves from their son’s diagnosis. I only hope that Matt, my friend’s brother, turns out as successful as Chris does. Since Autism hit so close to home this documentary had me in tears. Some of these tears were of happiness and some were of sadness. Throughout this documentary the strength of family was easily portrayed. I was happy to see that family played such a large role throughout this film. Living so close to those diagnosed I learned that family is truly what keeps the person going. I chose to watch this documentary with my cousin who suffers from Autism. Therefore I had constant feedback throughout the film. It was exciting to watch my cousin sit through and comprehend a whole documentary. On top of understanding this film he was able to relate to it. He too turns to art so he tried to explain to me how art helps to soothe their minds. Obviously each person with a disability acts different but I found it interesting that my cousin could relate so

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