Apa Case Study On Autism

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Autism is a lifelong disability requiring various services that include be-havior interventions services, habilitative services, prescriptions, and any necessary screenings. Therefore, it is important for all individuals affected by this disability to have healthcare and for this healthcare to be affordable. Autism does not discriminate when it comes to the economic status of in-dividuals. It affects individuals that are very poor or some of the wealthiest individuals. Therefore, those that are economically disadvantaged needs the services and they must be affordable.
The Problem
According to the Autism Speaks Initiative, “Because research shows that those with autism spectrum disorder face more serious coverage and bene-fit gaps than
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The decision to pay for healthcare will go back to the consumer and younger healthier people will opt out, which may impact the overall costs to those that need coverage, especially the autistic individuals that must have life long care. This topic is very economically driven when you factor in pen-alties for those that lapse their coverage. Again, health care coverage to those affected by autism can be extremely important to the individual and our society in …show more content…
If Medicaid becomes a lump sum deal than individuals that have autism will have diffi-culty maintaining their services through their lifetime. This affects not only the individual and families but also society in general.
Commentary and Conclusion
Autism is a lifelong disability that affects the very poor and the wealthiest of families and individuals. There have been some positive changes in health care and some negative changes as well. A perfect plan that helps all Americans regardless of their current health status is not in the near future. However, if legislation works as a team then a better plan is possible. After all, it is difficult to please everyone and when it comes to healthcare almost impossible.
Those affected by Autism have a difficult life ahead of them and must have the ability to afford behavioral therapies, medications, and all services that can possibly enable them to lead a life that is productive to themselves and society. Some of the positives coming out of the original affordable health care act like ensuring your child till 26 years of age and the preexisting conditions not being allowed will be extremely important to those affected by

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