Analysis Of Lowe Cost Management Ltd Essay

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In accordance with the instructions issued by Lowe Cost Management Ltd (LCM) in November 2016, Wynn Property (WP) have prepared a Property Maintenance and Budget Report on the Subject Property, my Report is set out as below.

The property was inspected on Thursday 01st November 2016 between 01:00pm and 3:00pm in dry clear weather. The Subject property was in a clean and presentable condition.

The Subject Property was previously occupied by Ben Sherman Group as the company’s Head Office. The building was previously occupied for office use and appeared to have been maintained to a good standard. In preparing this report, we have had sight of the following information was provided to us by the LCM:

• Floor Plans – 2010 – by ETON Environmental Services (See 4.1)
• Fire Risk Assessment – 09/08/2016 - Completed by Risk Assessment UK Ltd
• Water Risk Assessment – 18/07/2016 - Completed by Salvum
• LPC Agreement with Subject Property Landlord/s
• Example Subject Property Guardian Agreement

The property is a good condition and there were no major areas of concern but there are certainly areas that I will need to be improved/addressed as to adhere to regulation. LCM must ensure they have taken all reasonable/responsible measures to reduce all risks to the property and any occupants.

In our Report we refer to the below Future Management Objectives and these are summarised below:


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