Analysis Of ' Last Flag Down ' By John Baldwin And Ron Powers

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Heroism comes in many forms. From the grasp of the union juggernauts, emerges one of the last Civil war ships, The CSS Shenandoah. In John Baldwin and Ron Powers’ book, Last Flag Down, the final span of the war ship Shenandoah’s life is brought into play and the efforts of the crew to keep it alive are put to the test. When the Confederacy began slipping and falling prey to the Union’s overwhelming power, a Confederate States Navy Lieutenant Commander strives to claim this warship as his own, along with Captain William Conway Whittle. With these men and what little crew they have, they plan to turn the war between the divided nation around, and take back the Confederate power. Before Whittle can accomplish this task, he must first learn more about Sea King before it can become the Shenandoah.

British cargo ship, Sea King, was built for the ever growing need of resources across the globe.The British had it constructed mainly for transporting tea from China to London. Iron framed, full rigged,teak-plated, and steam powered, the Sea King was top of the line for this kind of hard work. When Sea King was built, the designers took a risk of utilizing new material and techniques never used on ships before. Sea King had the ability, unlike most ships at the time, to disconnect and lift the screw into the well deck below the ship. This increased speed when it came to sailing under sail power alone. However, Sea King did have other sources of power. When using sails wasn’t enough…

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