Historical Events In Killing Lincoln By Bill O Reilly And Martin Dugard

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The novel Killing Lincoln, written by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, portrays the steps leading up to the assassination of President Lincoln and the effects after. The author sequences the book in chronological arrangement through the historical events. Bill O’Reilly is a political television show host on the channel Fox News. O’ Reilly is an accomplished author; he has produced numerous historical novels. Also, the author majored in history and graduated from Harvard, so this knowledge makes him credible to produce his historical stories. Killing Lincoln’s success could be contributed to Bill O’Reilly’s personal accomplishments. The co-author Dugard has partnered with O’Reilly on most of his historical novels (Unknown 2012).
The author primarily used secondary sources in his footnotes and endnotes. O’Reilly used a lot of pictures and graphs to help explain to the reader about the occurrences within the novel. The graphs and pictures would help the reader picture the action within the book, and to show the different perspectives of the characters.
In “Part One” of the novel Killing Lincoln, the Civil
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President Lincoln waits outside of his bedroom window waiting to address the growing crowd outside of the White House. The President has written a quick, informal speech to announce his thoughts on the victory of the war. John Wilkes Booth and a few of peers are eager to listen to the President’s address. Lincoln finally provides the crowd with his appearance, but not with the heartwarming speech they were expecting. The crowd wanted the Confederacy to be punished for the problems they caused in the United States. All Lincoln wants is unity within the United States. The President urges for the Confederacy’s exoneration of all war crimes, which frustrates the formerly excited assembly. This event would be Lincoln’s last lecture (O’Reilly

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