Analysis Of Kevin Jennings's 'American Dreams'

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Register to read the introduction… Other than in the first season when Will does show feeling uncomfortable with his orientation, no other struggles are portrayed. The show never brings up gay marriage and the fight for equal rights for same sex couples. Regardless Will show that he feels like he needs to fit in at work and takes on a behaviors that are usually attached to straight men. Kevin Jennings, the author of the essay “American Dreams” struggles with similar problems. Growing up in the south, Jennings focused on achieving the American Dream. The Dream of going to school and while doing so loosing what he despises- his “ignorant” southern heritage (Jennings 466). After having to admit to his homosexuality when he fell in love with the same sex, Jennings, then a Harvard student, tries to commit suicide. He was brought up as a Southern Baptist and to believe that “…gay people were twisted perverts destined for a lifetime of eternal damnation”, and achieving the American Dream seemed impossible if you were gay. (Jennings 466). After a failed attempt, he started on his own path for the Dream and made some discoveries. Jennings questioned true freedom by asking; why his mother, who worked at McDonalds, made less than the other men, or why his “fundamentalist minister” of a father would use racial slur to describe negative attributes in people, or why “holding power means little if women have to become

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