Essay about Analysis Of John 13 : 1-7

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In John 13:1-7, the Bible portrays Jesus washing His disciples’ feet, shortly before He was to be crucified on the cross. In this act of kindness, Jesus was demonstrating humility, and that all Christians must be willing to be servants for others. By washing and cleaning the feet of his disciples, He was demonstrating His love for them. Christians should not think they are superior or better than those who do not hold to the same faith, and they are called to lay aside their pride, serve the Lord, and put others first. Additionally, Christians are called to love and serve others, even when the people they are serving prove difficult to love (Ephesians 6:6-8).
I believe the washing of the feet was symbolic. In the time of Jesus, the people wore sandals, so dirt and mud would cling to the people’s bare parts of their feet. Jesus used a cloth and wiped the filth from their feet, cleansing them. I think this action seems to be a foreshadowing of what Jesus was going to do on the cross. Jesus, the one and only pure sacrifice, was willing to become soiled by taking away the sins of mankind, washing them clean so they could stand blameless before God (Colossians 1:22).
This teaching is very relevant for other worldviews, since Christians are called to be humble and willing to treat all people with the same kindness and humility that Jesus showed to His disciples (Luke 6:35). Christians must treat all people from all religions with respect, however, they do not have to accept the…

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