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In an effort to flatten the organization structure a team of five representatives of sales will directly report to the vice president of sales. The recruitment process will consist of internal manpower within the department of sales. The positions will be displayed on the company’s web page which only employees will have access. The aspiring employee will post their curriculum vitae via email to the person responsible for said positions. The selection will be based on a combination of criteria including experience, the training of the industry, and other characteristics that agree with the new direction of InterClean. The future additional training will be determined by the vice president of sales and approved by upper management according to the necessary requirements. The sales department pay will be determined upon the annual sales of the company. Wage increases will be considered on an annual basis in accordance to life cost.
Our goals are to provide our clients with a customized experience, to increase the cover and to repeat sales, and to consolidate relations with the new and present database of clients in a effort to the general business and with the fusion of
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Tom Gonzales brings 25 years of mastering of the company’s products, diversity, strong relations with the clients and the opportunity to penetrate the Hispanic market in his department. Tom will be the product trainer. Tom brings to InterClean on the value of two decades of the experience in the industry of cleaning. It was before a personal selection of the CEO of EnviroTech, Sally Lindley. Tom’s position has an opportunity for advancement as well as Susan Burnt. Susan successfully brings maturity and ability carrying out numerous works during her 24 years of work. Susan will be in charge of the maintenance of the account. Their hard and smooth abilities agree with their aggressive sales approach, the sales closed joined with service and attention the client deserves. Dennis White has an enthusiasm to find the new business that congratulates the desire of the company for its growth. Its age brings to this new opportunity the necessary equipment to invigorate the department. The position of Dennis will be the lead trainer. Eric Borden brings diversity and 14 years of knowledge sharpened of the industrial progresses of the cleaning, the regulations, and the conformity to the company serving as a compliance officer getting at the same time the opportunity of advancement. Ving Hsu has excellent abilities of serving the client and catching their attention using a personal network of professionals of the industry to look

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