Essay about Analysis Of Jcpenney 's On Social Media

999 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
The popular department store that sells a wide selection of items from clothes to furniture has effectively used social media to market their brand to customers online. JCPenney’s uses a variety of different social medias to market to the world. The company uses twitter and facebook to promote advertisements and online deals to its customers that use the sites. Another key aspect that the company effectively uses the two sites for is seasonal advertising. JCPenney has 454 thousand followers on twitter and just over 5 million likes on facebook. In comparison, Macy’s has 924 thousand followers, which is a lot more than JCPenney. On facebook, Macy’s has over 14 million likes. We can conclude from that, that JCPenney has a disadvantage online on social media. JCPenney may have less followers and likes than its competition, but the effectiveness of its social media campaign makes up for the lack of support online. Companies have many techniques to choose from when trying to market their brand online. One way a company can market to their customers through social media is by cultivating brand advocates. Brand advocates, according to Professor Tully, are people who promote your brand to others without receiving compensation (Tully). JCPenney does an excellent job of cultivating its brand advocates. JCPenney does an excellent job of applying each tweet to the person who posted it and responding in a manner that is perfect to each individual. The best example of JCPenney…

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