Analysis Of Is Google Making USupid, By Nicholas Carr

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In the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr, Carr argues that technology is changing our thought process. Technology now provides people with everything needed. With the amount of changes with technology, everything is not the same. Nothing was like how it was before. People spend an abundant amount of time with technology. Some are even too depended on technology. Technology has controlled the certain things from people. It has controlled the way they think, act, do, and other things. Carr believes that technology has changed people’s cognition, brain capacity, and their lifestyle in a bad way. First, the internet has changed people’s cognition. Carr felt the same experience Bowman felt in the movie A Space Odyssey. He felt …show more content…
Carr gives us an example from a person named Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche had a weak eyesight. It became difficult for Nietzsche to keep his eyes concentrated on the paper when he was writing. He was scared to lose his ability to write, but he didn’t. With the rise of technology, the typewriter saved Nietzsche writing. Nietzsche could now touch-type. He could type with his eyes close. By doing this, his writing was safe. Touch-type was changing him though. Nietzsche writing started to change. Nietzsche did not write the same as before. The typewriter changed his thoughts. He states, “Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts” (91). Technology has changed our lifestyle. It changed the way we think. Even though, technology has helped people achieve more or have a creative system, people are now too dependent on it. People expect everything out of technology. People are no longer able to do certain things without technology. Carr gives an example of how people are too dependent on technology. Carr gives us an example of a clock. The clock ticking noise tells people when to eat, sleep, and other things They do these things based on the clock rather than based on their own senses. Depending on technology control’s people life. It forces people not to be themselves. Technology has shaped on how people live their life. In conclusion, technology is different than before. Technology is now a part of most people everyday lifestyle. It changes people cognition, brain capacity, and lifestyle. I According to Carr it changed their cognition by the amount of knowledge they received now. It also changed people’s brain capacity by the amount critical reading people do. Also, it changes people lifestyle by becoming too dependent within

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