Analysis Of Into The Wild By Chris Mccandless

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Many people live with the mindset of trying to accomplish certain things or instead die trying almost like trying to give their life some sort of purpose. But, what would happen if you actually died trying. What if? Once you've found your answer it's too late and you just pass away. Unfortunately that is it nothing is left, unless you leave a legacy or just clues behind for others to find. Well somehow that all adds up to Chris McCandless’s story who died alone trying to find happiness and perhaps himself also. At the end of his journey Chris isetan found out that happiness should be shared with others. For Chris it was now to late because he was trapped and couldn’t go back he had gone into the wild and couldn’t come back.
Into the Wild, is
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Even though, he encountered many people and sort of befriended a few of the none of them were enough to stop him from going to Alaska or staying permanently when he was offered too. Chris had many relationship opportunities but mostly just rejected them. Back when he was in Niland Chris came across Tracy a 17 year old who was all over him, “[she] developed a hopeless crush, [and] hung around making goo-goo eyes at him” (Krakauer 44). Perhaps if she would've been older or if Chris would’ve been interested then he’d actually create a relationship. A romantic relationship probably could've helped Chris view life and people differently. Unfortunately even forming a family-like relationship for Chris was difficult since he couldn’t manage to stay as tight to his parents. In Penn’s film adaption it can be seen that McCandless’ parents liked to focus on being picture perfect leading to being fake one thing that he hated about most people. In the film their is small scene where Chris imagines his parents and in a voice over he says “Stop don’t do it, you are going to do things you cannot imagine you’d ever do, you are going to do bad things to children”(Paramount Vintage and River Road Entertainment, 15:40). In the moment it seems as if Chris is trying stop his existence but also insisting on living, he seemed to be trying to break up with his parents and does it eventually when he sends his mail …show more content…
As mentioned above Chris’ travels were often solo and would only stay and befriend people for a limited amount of time. Chris believed that his family was fake and too materialistic which was something he opposed in order to begin his journey Chris broke the ties he had with his family. “By the beginning of August 1990, Chris’s parents had heard nothing from their son” (Krakauer 22). Chris’s relationship with his family was very unhealthy, abusive, fake and he just felt as if he didn’t belong causing him to leave it all behind and continuing with his next step. McCandless’s next step to isolation was completely getting rid of his identity and leaving no trace behind for Christopher Johnson McCandless. By getting rid of that person perhaps Chris though he could start over and he did as “Alexander Supertramp, master of his own destiny” (Krakauer 23). By creating this new persona he was now leaving behind anyone he knew and would start his solo journey. Eventually while in the wild Chris’s journey failed as he tied to return to society finding out that he could be happy with others. He even wrote in a book “Happiness only real when shared with others” (Penn, 2:17:27). Once it was too late Chris realized that his views were wrong and that not all people were fake and that many were actually friendly, but once he did it was too late and not much could be done since he was too

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