Analysis Of Interprofessional Education And Collaborative Practice

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Describe what value you see in interprofessional education and collaborative practice in healthcare. (182) Interprofessional education (IPE) provides several benefits. Through the experience, students will learn not only about their own profession, but also other professions as well and learn about how their specialties bring to the table to assist patients. The result is professionals who act on the same level and understand how the others think and work. When providers collaborate, they can bring diverse areas of knowledge and expertise together to provide the best diagnosis and treatment for the patient. Collaboration through IPE also increases communication between the various types of healthcare professionals. The program helps students get to know other students from different fields on a more personal level which creates a deeper understanding between the professions. This experience is invaluable when students get into the real world where they will have to work together with people from various parts of the healthcare system. By mastering interpersonal and communication skills along with the various other skills learned, providers will greatly reduce medical errors and allow better communication with patients. Thus, the total result is superior patient care which is the goal for healthcare.
What strengths, qualities, or perspectives would you contribute to the IPE-IPPE program. (299) I am a conscientious and hardworking individual who loves to learning new…

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