Analysis Of ' I Love Yous Are For White People ' Essay

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Violence Affect on Many Lives
Violence causes violence. Many things cause violence and many people including myself try to prevent it, but violence has hidden the face that will show up in your future. The term violence brings to memory an image of physical or emotional assault on a person. Each year many girls and boys in the United States are abused by their parents or their family. Many people have negative attitudes rather than somebody has violence background in their life. We have lots of different definition of violence in real life such as Domestic violence, Sexual abuse, discrimination, or racism. In the memoir, I Love Yous Are For White People by Lac Su, the reader can see violence how to effect in his life, and shows throughout the book. Lac Su’s memoir described about a Vietnamese boy who lives with his parents and his sisters. Lac moved from Vietnam to America where his family, including him, explained lots of pain. Also, he shows to the reader that social violence how to help him involved in a gang group. Lac’s character demonstrates to the reader that violence such as physical, mental, and emotional how can have a negative effect on his life and his family.
Sexual abuse is one of our actions toward various kinds of losses that Su tried to show the reader. When some people are in this situation, people deal with this issue in different emotional ways. Some people embarrass and separate themselves from others, or others do not like to talk to anyone and accuse…

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