Analysis Of Hymn To Aphrodite By Sappho

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Hymn to Aphrodite by Sappho stuck out to me above all other artworks we discussed. I really enjoyed the raw emotion and the humility of Sappho begging for emotional support. This is a prayer to the goddess Aphrodite, and speaks of times of trouble in Sappho’s life. Sappho is depressed because a woman that she loved has left in order to be married and, in turn, she is heartbroken. Sappho is asking Aphrodite for help in a lyrical poem that has three separate parts, each different in length and meaning. Though this poem may seem to speak directly of the relationship between Sappho and another woman; however, I argue that the formal properties suggest that the real relationship being discussed is between Sappho and Aphrodite. Some of my arguments …show more content…
This information is crucial to the argument that Aphrodite is a part of this sisterhood in her own way, because even though she is not physically there for a lifetime like the others, she is there when needed. Aphrodite is part of this community because she comes down to Earth to comfort Sappho; however, once Aphrodite has done what she needs to she leaves. Sappho tells us of Aphrodite’s arrival in the past in the first section by saying, “…who fairly drew you down in speed aslant the black world, the bright air trembling at the heart to the pulse of countless fluttering wingbeats” (S.1 lines 9-12). This beautiful line speaks of another time that Aphrodite came down from heaven to be with her, and the enchanted way that it happened. Although that may seem just as heartbreaking to Sappho, the difference between Aphrodite and the other woman is that Aphrodite comes back. The fact that she returns is a different perspective and does not cause as much pain because Sappho is aware that she will see her again in further times of

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