Analysis Of Hugh And Future 's Peer Teaching Session Essay

817 Words May 28th, 2016 4 Pages
In Hugh and Future’s peer teaching session, they had taught Chinese and music with the learning aims of learning how to write several Chinese characters and how to construct basic rhythm notes with pen-tapping beats. For the first twenty minutes, students learnt Chinese, specifically how to write basic characters and how to pronounce them with interesting stories and a humorous, yet informative supplement video. After watching at video, students assessed their learning by themselves through the task of writing Chinese characteristics that they could remember on a paper. During this task, two volunteering students took the same task on a white board, so that Future was able to mark them. Then, the topic of lesson had changed to the music which was about rhythm notes with pen tapping skills. After Hugh’s teaching about four basic rhythm notes, students were to create their own rhythms based on the basic notes. Chinese and music seemed unrelated but they related these by applying the rhythms to a Chinese song.

From their peer teaching episode, I learned that a teacher is able to induce and maintain students’ enjoyment on the learning material throughout the lesson. I observed that students seemed love to learn Chinese from Future due to his efforts on humours which made Chinese characters more interesting to learn. Although a Chinese lesson might sound boring and complicated, Future had put a great weight on the enjoyments in the lesson and eventually students were totally…

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