Analysis Of Homer 's Odyssey By Homer Essay

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Literature allows the perservation of ancient civilization allowing us to peek in at its glorious highs and crashing valleys. A deep insight is brought forth by delving into the chasms of ancient Greek literature. One can learn of their ethics, behaviour, and beliefs despite whether it may be a concoction or hard truth specifically in regards to there ideals on valor, staunchness, and precocity. Literature of the past gives fortuity to allow us to develop an understanding of prior civilizations, and this is most certainly the case with The Odyssey by Homer.

Through Odysseus’ endeavors, Homer gives insight on the Greek value of valor. Being a patriarchal society, men notably would strive to accommodate their actions as such: “Victory will only approach if strength, and might are withheld.” From a ripe age, these virtues were embed into children as they would mature and hope to deliver on such promises. Heroes of the Greek civilization were men who went through great peril, faced tremendous ordeals, fought epic battles, yet had strong hearts and capable minds: “Rise up... take your [Odysseus’ men] stand... our feet set wide and rooted like oaks in the ground.” The ideology of glory, triumph, and fame in battle was very instilled in minds so much so that warriors would go great lengths and risk their lives to allow for greater societal prowess. Much of these characteristics are thereOdysseus when he embarks upon adventures. His great valor is demonstrated by Homer through…

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