Analysis Of Hesiod 's ' The Theogony ' Essay

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Hesiod, in his Theogony, has written a poetic account of the origins of the universe and the source of political order in our world. Hesiod locates these things in the mythological stories that form Greek Mythology and though Hesiod may not be the first person to tell these stories, he passed on a way of thinking about the world that was formative to others. Thales is the first ‘philosopher’ in that he tries to discover a rational explanation for the universe. This is not to say that Hesiod’s grounding is irrational, but Thales is pursuing a self­-evident cosmology separate from theology. Overall Hesiod and Thales have methods of inquiry that are very similar both to each other and to the philosophers that follow.
Hesiod begins the Theogony with an invocation of the muses. This links Hesiod to the divine, in order to link his words with their authority he declares that they are the source of his stories.
“Muses of Helicon, let us begin our song with them, who hold the great and holy mountain of Helicon(1-2)”
“From the beginning, also tell the one of them who came first. First of all Chawos [Gap] came into being. But then Gaia broad-chested, always the unshakable seat of all the immortals who hold the peaks of snowy Olympus, and dark Tartarus in the recesses of the wide-wayed earth, and Eros, the most beautiful among the immortal gods, loosener of limbs, who subdues the mind and prudent counsel in the chests of all gods and of all men.” (115-21) So the beginning is…

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