Analysis Of Frantz Fanon 's ' Black Skin, White Masks ' Essay examples

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Frantz Fanon sought to understand colonization more through minds rather than within the physical world. Living in France, he saw how people (men especially) from Africa acted once they arrived in what he calls the “host country” as compared to how they would act in their homeland. In order to advance their status and to be accepted, black people felt they needed to adopt the cultural standards of the host country. In order to do this, African men would try to emulate what they saw in white French men, specifically their language and pronunciation. This phenomenon did not come out of nowhere, but rather since being black was associated with being wild, backward and uncivil, black men felt they had to deny their heritage for fear of being judged and discriminated against based on pervasive stereotypes. This understanding and acceptance of inferiority by people from colonized countries is known as mental colonization or “colonization of the mind. In his work “Black Skin, White Masks,” he describes the purgatory he finds himself in when having a colonized mind, “Without a Negro past, without a Negro future, it was impossible for me to live my Negrohood. Not yet white, no longer wholly black, I was damned.” Fanon sought to address the consequences of colonization and explained how it could be reversed. First, he addresses Manicheanism which is the idea that the world operates under explicit binaries that are associated with each other. For example, light is associated with being…

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