Redemption The Last Battle Of The Civil War Analysis

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Redemption, The Last Battle of the Civil War
Slavery, suffering, suffocation… three words that will surely make emotions rise. It is with these words that I will begin to describe the eloquent writings of this book. Throughout the span of the book, there are two themes presented: the amount of devastation survived by the Negroes and the long sought after balance of politics between Negroes and Whites. It is upon this foundation that the author, Nicholas Lemann had such courage and intelligence to write of such great happenings that caused our mother country to become of what it is today.
It all begins on the Easter Sunday of 1873 in the town of Colfax Louisiana. Although referred to as a town, it was nothing but a settlement containing a puny
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This is when the Negroes began to revolve all their works around the 14th and 15th amendments which granted equality and the rights to vote to all citizens. The Negroes then began the formation of their own Republican party. This greatly angered the whites and caused even more hatred to arise throughout the already enraged south. In response the whites regrouped the Democrats and sought to destroy the Negroes and their newly formed party. Although the main restriction of African Americans was the ability to vote, it was not the only one. The whites also prohibited the quitting of jobs, ownership of land, and forced them to remain as plantation workers. Just when the Negroes assumed all hope was lost, that’s when a man by the name of Adelbert Ames came around to offer a breeze of optimism. Ames then began directly devoted to seeing the Negroes gain full freedom, this soon caused great dispute between Ames and his wife Blanche. Blanche becoming angered then decided to pack her things and move back to Massachusetts where she would reside with her parents. Ames however, decided to stay back in Mississippi where he would still continue to fight for the Negroes and their

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