Reflection On Falon's Identity

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Falon’s identity is based on personal and out of class problems. She is expected to have good grades and go to college. She doesn’t want to disappoint no one and she is shy. When she graduated from college she married her boyfriend and he was over protective so Falon didn’t have a social life. Her parents talked her into going back to college, and she didn’t do well like she always do in school. Falon had a child and her husband worked long hours so she would have to make sure the baby was taken care of especially when it gets sick. Falon was upset about her bad grades and she began to question herself why she needs a college education. Melissa was another potential problem student. She was also known as a smart girl and she was expected to …show more content…
Race, religion, gender, age, ethnic group, nationality, cultural, sexual orientation, social class, geographic region, and physical challenges are all examples of diversity. My identity is affected because I am in a minority race. (Pg.38) I am a black woman, which for years’ black people was known to be brutally treated and women are known to not have fair treatment. For women all races aren’t treated fairly to this day, so we have to work harder than men to get certain jobs or to get paid what men are paid. …show more content…
For starters Daren is a male and I am a female. That falls in the gender diversity. Also Daren is a gay and I’m not so he would fall in the sexual orientation.
Procrastination effected my success in high school when I was an assigned a project and I didn’t start on it until the day before it was due. I started it so late because I had practices during the week and I would go to work during the week. So every time I would go home I would be exhausted. I did have a weekend to do it be I ended up going to a party instead. I kept making excuses to hold of doing the project. When I did finally had got it done I turn it in the next day and the grade I got on it was terrible. I knew if I would 've put more time and effort I could 've got a better grade. My plan to overcome my procrastination is to come up with a schedule on what subjects or assignments get done and make sure I have a good working environment away from all distractions. It is important for me to solve my problem so I don’t have to struggle trying to get work done and stress over bad grades I know could 've been better. On my goal sheet I did good following my plan it worked out just as plan. I found out making time for something makes it easier to

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