Analysis Of ' Enchanted Land ' Essay

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This night was a night like no other I have ever known. “Enchanted Land” indeed The carefully kept boundaries between our known, conscious world, the spiritual world, and the teep, beating heart of Nature all began to dissolve.

It was like an altered state of consciousness without drugs. That land itself changes you, open the seeker to new realms of being, of oneness with the ages

For us, Urban Chicagoans with little opportunity for an outdoor like, to be naked in the hot tub under the starry skies with that amazing full moon pouring forth its glow over us; to be drawn so completely to the starry night and to be visited by shooting stars were beyond anything where our ever selves; to be in such a state

Red Destiny 2010 p043

Of unity and loving bliss with one another and so aware of being blessed by our attachment, always the product of the Source o Love; it be brought to a position of praise, standing naked in the tub, arms out-stretched to the magnificent sky in praise of our Creator, whose Being was in us, who we expressing divinity through us, who was caressing us in the breeze and the moonlight and the “Yes!!” Of the meteor. All this was to know God at a new level, an intimate companionship and revelation.

I did not grasp it all at once. The Divine one woke me during the night and I began to understand the totality of this trip and now the hunger for my more, driving me from earliest childhood, was being responded to. I understood that the coyote’s visit to Ron…

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