Analysis Of Emperor Of Maladies By Siddhartha Mukherjee

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Emperor of Maladies

I have known a few family members and friends that have had to battle it out with cancer. It is a topic that many people in the world are oblivious to until it affects either them or their loved ones. The author, Siddhartha Mukherjee gives many disheartening stories based on patients that have been treated with different methods such as cutting out the tumors, to mixing different serums and injecting them into the body. A great deal of the methods led to only increasing the patients lives a couple of months. The author did not have an answer however he did want to inform the world about this disease that affects many human beings. Many methods have come and gone since the battle of cancer and many did not prevail. The author wanted people to understand their enemy, he wanted us to know that doctors are trying everyday to find the cure for cancer however with all the stories about failure and deaths it really has an impact on the moral of the world.
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“This DNA copy, called a provirus, makes RNA copies, and the virus is regenerated, phoenixlike, to form new viruses” (354). How can you kill something from within the body when the cancer cells use the body to their advantage to recreate themselves every time you try to kill it? It would be like a double edged sword, if you cut out a limb to get rid of the cancer you would still be losing the limb. Even if doctors create some time of medicine/poison to counteract the virus, it is inside the body and spreading. So the cure would have to able to not kill the person in the process of trying to kill the cancer

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