Analysis Of Edward Tufte 's Persuasive Article ' The Cognitive Style Of Powerpoint ' Pitching Out Corrupts Within '

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Powerpoint Communication
 In Edward Tufte’s persuasive article “The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within,” Tufte discusses the ineffective method of using electronic powerpoint (PP) presentations to relay information to a crowd. The audience for Tufte’s article consists of individuals immersed in technological communication. The author utilizes the visual elements of font color, underlining, italicizing, and font size as a way to visually convey his message. Tufte aims to persuade readers to agree that powerpoint presentations drastically decrease the amount of knowledge and stimulating interaction shared between a presenter and audience. Although Edward Tufte presents legitimate issues about powerpoint presentations, he one-sidedly disparages each aspect of a powerpoint and fails to acknowledge the positive qualities of using powerpoints or propose any concrete alternatives to act as a solution to the communicative problems caused by powerpoint presentations. Tufte negatively depicts each element of a powerpoint presentation through incorporations of derogatory diction into each of his descriptions. Tufte has an emotional tone of frustration exhibited by his use of explicit language displayed in this except,“With little information per slide, many many slides are needed. Audiences endure relentless sequentiality, one damn slide after another” (158). Tufte is describing how powerpoint presentations can be filled with an overflow of slides that…

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