Analysis Of Donald Trump 's ' The Donald ' Essay

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How To Be “The Donald”
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hold the highest office in our land? The prestige, the honor, and the respect that comes with the job is what 43 men have had the chance to experience. And, this year, it was explicit that our nation would have the first women president to take the oath of the presidency. But, there is one orange, beautifully haired man, who refuses to let this transpire and is leading the charge to the democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton. And that man is no other than Donald Trump.

There have been three key planks to Donald’s success in this year 's pivotal election. If you follow a procedure that wakens the frustration of average american citizens around the nation, you are destined for success.

The Appearance:
Before announcing your presidency, you have to ascertain the presidential look and attitude. You see, Donald is recognizable from almost a mile away because of his skin tone. Many people say that Donald is caucasian, but I identity Mr. Trump as orange. This quality will definitely make him standout from presidents such as Lincoln and Washington. They never left a legacy like Donald would leave with his physical appearances. Additionally, if you want to be like Donald, you must have great hair and have your followers come on stage and confirm that it is real. There have been many skeptics regarding whether Trump wears a wig, but he has put the significant controversy to rest so he could go back to…

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