Analysis Of Donald Trump 's Presidential Election Essay

1794 Words Nov 9th, 2015 8 Pages
Donald Trump is running a loud,controversial and successful campaign in the 2015-2016 election by using his background in the business and entertainment industries to currently push himself into the lead of the Republican party.
Born in Queens, NY Tump has so far had a very successful and accomplished life. Since the late 1990’s Trump has been involved one way or another in politics. He has discussed the topic of potential Presidential run since 2000 but until June 16, 2016 had never gone through with it. Trump is part of the Republican party. In 2000 Trump ran for presidential nomination of the reform party and ended up winning the California Primary. In December of 2008 Trump became an early supporter of the 2009 government-backed rescue plan for the United States. He has also made contributions to both Republican and Democratic campaigns. Donald Trump’s past and present involvement in the entertainment, hospitality, and real estate industry have immensely benefited him in his campaign since he was already widely known throughout the Nation. His background in the entertainment industry has shown that he has a knack for captivating viewers attention. His lack of empathy and his willingness to spark controversy has helped him be put in the spotlight on numerous occasions in public and during the election. Trump is also an active social media user which is appealing to younger generations of voters who use social media religiously. By using social media Trump has added…

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