Analysis Of Dave Barry 's Entertaining ' Batting Clean Up And Striking Out '

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Summary Analysis 2
In Dave Barry’s entertaining essay “Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out,” he forms pictures of real life in his reader’s minds. He entertains his readers with the difference between the sexes giving examples he has experienced in his own life; men and women’s instincts are different. Two of the points he really focuses on are women’s awareness of dirt (220) and men’s sensitivity to sports (221). Women can see dirt that men can’t see at all which makes them exceptionally bad at cleaning, especially bathrooms. On the other hand women can’t understand men’s love of sports. Women would rather have a heart to heart conversation about their feelings and can’t understand how men don’t care very much for that kind of activity. To men, sports are what is really interesting.
In “Neat People vs. Sloppy People”, Suzanne Britt explains in a humorous way that there is a big difference between neat and sloppy people. Britt first describes how this is true by using moral standards. She explains how neat people are lazier and meaner than sloppy people (214). Neat individuals get rid of anything they don’t need, throwing most of it in the trash. While sloppy people think of big plans of ways they can use every article so they save it; the problem is, they never get enough time to follow through with all their plans. Since they never have time to do all their projects they have a picture in mind of how to reorganize all their possessions. So they make piles of all their…

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