Analysis Of Dante 's ' Divine Comedy ' Essay

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Looking at the Past and Present to Find Meaning
Many of the topics discussed in Humanities thus far are topics Dante seems to be knowledgeable about; therefore, he could help me to interpret and further educate me on these topics possibly allowing a greater understanding of how these topics make meaning in my life. Despite the probability that Dante and I would have different experiences and preferences in art, literature, and music, we would most likely share many similarities. As I would go along on my pilgrimage for making meaning in my life I would be shaped by my past and current experiences and preferences.
Dante Alighieri was born in 1265 in Florence, Italy, where due to politics, he was exiled from in 1302. Dante was a writer who saw corruption in The Church; therefore, he wrote Divine Comedy, a story in which a character, Dante, travels through hell and encounters several people. Although Dante was a writer and the author of a book concerning religion, he was not a theologian. Dante lived until 1321.
In Divine Comedy there is a section called The Inferno. Through the section, the beliefs and values of Dante are apparent; therefore, the reader grasps his view of the world, which is through the lens of Christianity. There are several references to aspects associated with God and Christianity, such as sin, hell, and Satan. Dante also uses several references to numbers that have ties to Christianity, particularly the many references to the Trinity by the multiple usage…

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